I was once a professional snowboarder ranked #4 for the US for the FWQ Freeride World Tour.

My name is Matthew. I am not Matthew that guy in a wheelchair. I’m just Matthew. I’m just another person floating through space on a giant rock with a bunch of other weirdos. I like pizza, playing video games, and sunning myself on occasion. I’m neither unique, nor boring, I’m just a human with a myriad of interests and personality shaped to my liking. …

Hi, my name is Matthew Stenquist and I’m a product designer / UX engineer, and former professional athlete ranked #4 for US snowboarding.

At night I’m an independent game developer. Currently, I’m the head of product and engineering at a startup in Sweden. Moreover, I’ve had my hand in technology and games ever since I could remember, and have been a professional developer / designer for many years and I wanted to share some of my experiences I’ve had F2P. My experience ranges from working on double AA games, to working on five plus mobile games over the course of…

Matthew Stenquist

AAA Game Developer. Product Designer Startup VC funded Co-Founder, Former Professional Athlete, Software Developer. TedX/ Keynote speaker.

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